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Ready to Cultivate'22!

Meet Evanthia at Cultivate'22 from 16 to 19 July
28 June 2022 - Columbus, Ohio (USA) - Booth 328

AmericanHort’s Cultivate’22 is right around the corner! Evanthia is happy to announce its presence at this great green industry event from 16 to 19 July in Columbus, Ohio. Are you looking for fresh new products and outstanding series in cut flowers, tropical plants and pot & bedding plants? Make sure to stop by at Evanthia, Cultivate booth 328.


Marvin Grootendorst and Luit Mazereeuw would love to hear your story and will tell you all about Evanthia. We are eager to explore all opportunities for working together. Through brokers, Evanthia offers you high-quality starting material and we excel in creating new varieties that can bring exceptional success for every link in the chain, from the grower to the consumer’s garden or vase. See you there?

Cut flowers

Is your main focus cut flowers? Check out our interesting year-round programme of Snapdragons with several unique varieties. For Matricaria (Tanacetum) Evanthia offers a complete range, covering various colours and flower types. With our active breeding programme we strongly on uniformity, which has resulted in several very successful varieties. With the new Helianthus Solano® collection, we presents a great, hand-picked preselection of F1 Sunflowers and we are actively working on solutions for all growing conditions and enough options to cover an almost year-round supply. Just to name a few…

Tropical plants

We bring you plants from all over the world, with a good dose of expertise and service at your fingertips. Evanthia’s tropical assortment ranges from Asparagus to Zamia and everything in between. With us you will find those alluring Aloes, monstrous Monsteras, fantastic Philodendrons and stunning Strelitzias, you won’t find anywhere else. We have a strong global network of plant collectors. They venture out into what are often inaccessible areas and remote corners in their quest to find the best seeds. We work with different production locations all over the world. With the optimal climate conditions at those sites, we can guarantee quality and continuity.

Pot & bedding plants

In search for a strong, compact and versatile potted sunflower range? Solsation® is our easy-to-grow and quick-to-finish sunflower series with large, pollen-free flowers that remain beautiful for a long time. Sunny flowers pop up, one after the other – or simultaneously when pinched, creating abundant sunshine in and around the house, and in garden beds and borders. Another stunner from our range: Lavandula Cleo-Patio® is genetically compact and well-branching. The many seductive bright blue flowers and luxurious grey-greenish leaves can’t go unnoticed. Add to that its early flowering and excellent uniformity and you have a Lavender that gives you plenty of options!

Let's meet at Cultivate'22

Working with Evanthia means growing together – from seed to success. In Evanthia you will have a highly efficient partner with an extensive product range and lots of technical know-how. We look forward to meeting you during Cultivate’22. Meanwhile, Evanthia’s products are available through your dedicated broker. If you want more information about our product range, tech-tips or our company story, do not hesitate to contact us directly.