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A gift from the heart - LisAdora®

12 February 2024 - Monster, the Netherlands
Cinefleur Magazine
A gift from the heart - LisAdora<sup>®</sup>

A romantic flower for that special someone and a true gift from the heart. That is the Lisianthus LisAdora® Apricot III in a nutshell. Robust, resilient, versatile and beautiful are just some of the many attributes of this hidden floral gem. You might think, because of its appearance, that the flower is quite soft and fragile, but it is much sturdier than you’d expect, which makes it a good flower to work with in all kinds of floral design.

The colour of the Lisianthus LisAdora® Apricot III is truly unique and oozes tenderness and love. Which is why it works really well in a romantic outdoor setting.

Lisianthus LisAdora® Apricot III has well-shaped, well-filled double flowers of top quality. It is a special coloured variety that really adds something to the established Lisianthus range. The flower feels exceptionally beautiful, lush and romantic. The beauty of a true gift from the heart.