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At Evanthia we do everything we can to get growers off to a good start with a successful crop

Seed processing at Evanthia

At Evanthia you can rely on the seed you sow being healthy and of the highest quality. To guarantee your crop gets off to the best possible start, we select the best genetics, provide technical advice if you need it, and also optimise our seed. Every seed is different, so we process it in different ways depending on the type.

Seed processing at Evanthia

What we do

Seed cleaning
We guarantee that your crop will get off to an optimum start by cleaning the seed after it has been harvested. We remove all manner of impurities, ensuring that every last seed you receive meets all our strict quality requirements.


We sort our seeds by size and weight to ensure that each lot we sell is uniform. We remove any empty or non-standard seeds, leaving only healthy seeds behind. By doing so we ensure you can serve your customers efficiently and that you will soon be harvesting a uniform batch of plants.


Some seeds are very small, lightweight or irregular in shape. To make them more uniform and to give them more volume, we pellet them. This also makes them easier to sow mechanically.


Constant germination testing
To ensure we keep on producing top-quality products, regularly testing germination is a must. At Evanthia, we constantly conduct extensive germination tests in our in-house laboratory and germination chambers. And all with the aim of maximising quality and uniformity of seed emergence.

Want to find out more?

We don’t only process seeds from our own genetics. We also do this on behalf of other companies in the sector. Our specialists are here to assist you. If you have any questions about seed processing or pelleting requirements, we will be happy to help.