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Evanthia. Laying the foundation together, from seed to success.

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Laying the foundation for your crop together

Evanthia is a breeder with a vision. We are a supplier of seeds and young plants of ornamentals, but above all a full-service partner to growers. With our own unique genetics, a selection of other breeders’ top series, and a good dose of expertise and experience, we work with you to lay the foundation for your crop. Here at Evanthia, service has a face and a name: we pride ourselves on our personal touch and are at your side every step of the way until your plants are sold. Together we can thrive – together we can get ahead.

About Evanthia

New at Evanthia

Antirrhinum Toulon White IV

Evanthia offers a solid year-round Snapdragon programme, with rich colourful series that are classified into 4 clear groups. The radiant Toulon White is one of our summer trials favourites and a true group IV variety, developed for cultivation under higher temperatures and high light intensity. Our team is all set and ready to help you plan for the perfect seamless programme tailored to your specific region, climate and type of business.

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Tanacetum Cameron

Tanacetum Cameron is the latest single-flowered Tanacetum. Cameron is characterised by high uniformity, a well-filled ring of flower petals and many flowers per branch. The bright white petals form a perfectly shaped ring around the yellow, semi-globular heart. The stems have good branching in the more upper part and nicely contrasting, dark green leaves of excellent quality. Tanacetum Cameron can be grown in the greenhouse in a stable year-round programme. It is the perfect choice for a natural look in field bouquets, as a cheerful bouquet filler or for lush floral arrangements

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Celosia Reprise Gold

Growers take their offerings to new heights with Celosia Reprise Gold. Developed for the more exclusive market segment, the Reprise series, with its compact, well-filled combs and refined structure, allows growers to extend the Celosia season. Reprise’s flower combs are also less susceptible to fungi. This is reflected in its extremely long shelf life. Gold is the long-awaited addition to the sparkling colour range.

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Alocasia Jacklyn

Jacklyn is one of our new additions this season, and what a stunner she is! This Alocasia is selected for its remarkable arrow-shaped leaves with wavy edges. The fresh green, hairy leaves with dark leaf veins offers an eye-catching textural effect. Our Alocasias can easily be grown in combination with Calathea, Ctenanthe, Philodendron and Monstera. Browse through this catalogue for more inspiration and let our team help you compose an irresistible product range.

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Sunsation® Compact

Sunsation® Compact answers to the worldwide demand for products that can be grown PGR free. Helianthus Sunsation® Compact has a true genetic compactness. With this selection growers can grow their potted sunflowers in a more balanced, stress-free way: without PGR, dry cycles or high EC levels to keep plants compact. Regular watering and an EC of 1.2 is sufficient. With the Compact series, crop time reduces with 5 to 7 days and leaves remain healthy, smooth and fresh green.

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Celosia Lavly

Thanks to our active breeding programme, chain partnerships, leading series and many colourful specialties, Evanthia proudly sets the tone in the world of Celosias. Together with the breeders of Stadsland we ensure continuous innovation in cultivation, performance, colours and appearances. Lavly is one of the introductions of our extensive range of Celosia Specialties. With its remarkable, lilac / purple colour and velvet flower combs, this variety easily captivates its spectators.

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Sunsation® sunflower: Here comes the sun!

Discover the flower power of Sunsation®! This compact, colourful F1 pot sunflower series has a crop time of just 10-11 weeks. It produces a succession of large, pollen-free flowers, providing months of sunny colour in the house, on the patio or in the garden. Pinch out the growing tip for a nicely branched plant bearing multiple blooms at the same time.

Discover Sunsation®
Sunsation<sup>®</sup> sunflower: Here comes the sun!

How can we help you?

At Evanthia, we are here to help. If you are looking for a new product of need specific cultivation advice, or to make an appointment, feel free to get in touch!