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Together we make an impact. Together we succeed.

Evanthia in numbers

Since we started out, we have been working hard to build a great business. Just as the seed lays the foundation for a beautiful flower or plant, so we lay the foundation for our own future. We flourish, keep on growing and work constantly on delivering better products and an even better service. And we do that with our seeds, our young plants, our staff and our partners.

We’re making the world greener with …

Expertise and experience dating back more than 25 years

Contracted production sites in 40 different countries.
In the Netherlands over 47.000m2

More than 2,000 customers in almost 100 countries

More than 12,000 varieties

More than 2 billion seeds from our product range sown worldwide every year

A team of more than 90 highly motivated employees

Sustainable partnership for mutual success

Working with Evanthia means growing together – from seed to success. In Evanthia you will have a highly efficient partner with an extensive product range. Our breeding not only focuses on the visual appeal of a new variety but also on its genetic compactness, uniformity and resilience. We aim to develop strong, distinctive varieties that lay the foundation for your long-term success.
Evanthia believes in partnership. Together we achieve more. We offer growers tailored technical advice, seed optimisation and a personal service. Together we identify trends in the market, enabling us to develop new, successful varieties.
Our products really come into their own when we work together throughout the entire chain. We work with growers on meeting wholesalers’ needs and marketing our products. We identify the right target audiences for our products and the matching sales channels, as well as the perfect in-store communication and placement. A good illustration of this is the Helianthus Sunsation® growers’ collective. A special product, a special brand. It has got where it is today on the strength of a partnership. And that partnership has whetted our appetite for more. Does our mission resonate with you too? Growing together – from seed to success!

New at Evanthia

Matthiola StoX® series

With Matthiola StoX®, we truly combine the best of both worlds: the robust and durable properties of Japanese types of Matthiola and the possibility to select on 100% doubleness of European types. Check out the vibrant colour spectrum, with several interesting, unique shades.

Discover our newest breeding breakthrough

Antirrhinum Cannes Purple

Antirrhinum majus F1 Cannes Purple is the intense purple, new snapdragon of the Cannes series. Antirrhinum Cannes offers, as a typical group 3 series, a stable solution and high quality for seasonal transitions with less than ideal weather conditions.

Discover our newest breeding breakthrough

LisAdora™ Apricot

Lisianthus LisAdora™ Apricot is the first variety to launch the new LisAdora™ Collection. With sturdy stems and robust flower petals, this lovely Lisianthus is much tougher than its soft and tender appearance would suggest. Add to that its fluffy volume and extraordinary colour and you have a true gift from the heart that seems to last forever!

Discover our newest breeding breakthrough

Brassica Empire Zaneta

Looking for a breathtaking Brassica? Brassica Empire Zaneta has a striking appearance, with its trendy earthy tones. Zaneta has grey/pink wavy leaves, sturdy stems and a robust leaf structure. With a short cultivation period, a high level of uniformity and an ideal stem length, Brassica Empire ensures an efficient harvest and a higher average percentage of harvestable product.

Discover our newest breeding breakthrough


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