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Evanthia x Celosia

from Seed to Success
14 July 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

An active breeding programme, leading series and a wide range that offers opportunities for year-round production. That is what you can expect from Celosia specialist Evanthia.

Evanthia x Celosia - from Seed to Success

The classic cockscomb is perhaps the most famous Celosia type, but our product range has much more in store, with bizarre brain shapes, fluffy feathers and dainty fan flowers… A range that includes leading series such as Act, Bar, Captain, Reprise and an impressive line-up of specialties. And it does not stop there! Our team of breeders is not only actively working on new colours. Soon we will be able to show you the first results of their efforts for a new appearance that will give Celosia another application possibility. The last extensive trials are in full swing…so stay tuned!

Celosia highlights and inspiration


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