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LisAdora® Apricot

A true gift from the heart for all the moms in our lives
3 May 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

Mothers, grandmothers, new moms, stepmothers, godmothers, mothers in law, bonus moms, foster moms, and all mom figures that love us with a mother’s heart… Sunday May 9th is a special day to honour all mothers. And what better way to do that then with a truly special flower. Lisianthus LisAdora® Apricot is the first variety to launch the new Lisianthus LisAdora® Collection. A stunning flower, with quite a unique colour that easily wins the hearts of many.

Tough love, like only a mother can give

The LisAdora® Collection gives ‘tough love’ a whole new meaning… With sturdy stems and robust flower petals, these lovely Lisianthuses are much tougher than their soft and tender appearance would suggest. Add to that their fluffy volume and warm, spirited colours and you have a true gift from the heart that seems to last forever!

LisAdora® Apricot

What a lovely colour! The beautiful NEW Lisianthus LisAdora® Apricot has large, double flowers abundantly filled with thick flower petals with a mesmerizing apricot colour.

  • Well-filled double flowers
  • Extraordinary hardiness and durability
  • A unique and trendy colour

Designer inspiration

The charming appearance of LisAdora® Apricot offers graceful beauty and style. This flower is super versatile and brings out an elegant, natural look in floral arrangements. Its warm yet fresh colour is easy to combine and inspires to mix and match in all directions. As every mother is unique: add a touch of red for a heart-warming bouquet, a hint of peachy rose and orange for a joyful arrangement or splash of white and pale green for a more trendy gift…

LisAdora Apricot is grown with lots of love by:

T     +31 6 106 595 84
E     info@senzaro.nl
I      www.sensaro.nl
FH  81726

Berg Lisianthus
T     +31 17 462 44 37
E     info@berglisianthus.nl
I      www.berglisianthus.nl
FH  830


Evanthia presents new genetics in Lisianthus, with the LisAdora® Collection. Our focus in breeding Lisianthus is to create high quality series with unique features and collections of colours that truly add something special to the established market. We are always looking for new ways to put the grower in a good market position and to work with floriculture chain partners towards joint success. Let’s get in touch and team up together.