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Meet us in Brazil at the Veiling Market in Holambra

12 March 2024 - Cooperativa Veiling Holambra, Brazil
Meet us in Brazil at the Veiling Market in Holambra

Where the beauty of flowers meets business...

Evanthia is delighted to announce our participation in the upcoming Veiling Market Holambra. This annual event, renowned for its celebration of horticulture and floral excellence, provides an ideal platform for us to showcase our cut flower novelties, customer favourites, and engage with a community of passionate horticultural professionals.


Join us on this blooming adventure as we prepare to dazzle you with the most stunning flowers on display.


EVENT: Veiling Market
LOCATION: Cooperativa Veiling Holambra, Brazil
DATE: 21 & 22 March 2024
MORE INFO: website Veiling Market

Flowers on show

With its rich history and tradition, Holambra, often referred to as the “City of Flowers,” provides an enchanting backdrop for our participation. We are excited to be part of this floral affair and offer you a visual feast of flowers developed by Evanthia’s team of breeders.


Evanthia presents a broad range of European and Japanese stock. Matthiola StoX® is most recently added to our product range and is a true breeding breakthrough, featuring the perfect combination of selectability and robustness. Get updated on the latest developments within our Antirrhinum yearround programme, as we recently streamlined our assortment of snapdragons and added an new and interesting group 4 series: Toulon.

Additionally, we will show you Evanthia’s offering in Lisianthus and Celosia seems to be unlimited, with strong series and lots of exciting specialties.


At Veiling Market Holambra, Evanthia is represented by Scott van der Spek. Contact Scott in advance to schedule a meeting or meet up with him on the spot and discover how we can work together and lay the foundation for floral success.