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New Kales on the Block

Pre-order our Brassica novelties now
21 December 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

As 2022 approaches, it’s time to complete your plans for the new Brassica season. Looking to add some new items to your range? You definitely came to the right spot! At Evanthia you’ll find the best varieties from our own breeding department and an exclusive, complementary selection of varieties from other international breeders. The Brassica Empire series is the pride of our own team of breeders and we are excited to introduce you to a few newcomers within our Empire range. After launching Empire Fedora and Empire Zaneta earlier this year, we can now give you a preview of our new Brassica varieties. Some of them will be available at the end of April ’22. You can place your orders and pre-orders Brassica now.

Brand New Brassicas

Open for your pre-orders and available as raw and coated seeds from the end of April’22:


  • Empire Selena – Simply stunning: Bright white leaves with contrasting green outer leaves and -in a later stage- a light pink blush in the centre.  Medium leaf colouring speed.
  • Empire Sofia – Elegant, cream white compact flower head with green outer leaves. Show a subtle pink blush later on. Early to medium leaf colouring speed.


Already availabe for you as raw and coated seeds:

  • Empire Tekla – Funny, fringed purple and green leaves. Early to medium leaf colouring speed.
  • Bright RoseEyecatching, bright purple leaves and dark green outer leaves. Medium leaf colouring speed. A great match with our Empire varieties

That's why you choose Brassica Empire

The Empire series is truly in a league of its own. Thanks to several star qualities the series is valued by growers, retailers and florists alike:


  • Broad range of round-leaved, serrated and fringed varieties
  • Wide spectrum of trendy, earthy colours
  • Tall, robust stems and a sturdy leaf structure
  • Very uniform varieties and a high level of harvestable product
  • Long vase life and a strong reduction of the typical Brassica scent

One-stop shop for Brassicas

Did you know Evanthia also offers the Brassica Crane series? Crane Carmine, for example, makes a stunning visual statement due to its beautiful form and outstanding colour. The Brassica Crane series is known to be very uniform in height and head size.


It’s all available at Evanthia. Your one-stop-shop when it comes to flowering kales. Due to extensive trialing and reseach, our team can help you out with composing, mixing and matching a tailored range that suits you specific business and market the best.



Gotta have those kales?

For more information about our Brassica’s, advice on variety selection or cultivation, insight in trial results or special requests? Our team is ready to be at service to you. You can reach us by phone on +31 174 715 100, by e-mail: sales@evanthia.nl or you can contact one of our team members directly.