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The indispensable value of cut foliage

The greenery collection to boost bouquet lines
10 August 2023 - Monster, the Netherlands
The indispensable value of cut foliage

From an average filler to the foundation of floral arrangements, from the background to the backbone of any bouquet, rustic and robust, the leading lady in all-green bouquets, nature in its most original form and colour… Cut foliage is finally being properly valued and is reflected in the most popular and long-lasting floral trends. Scandinavian greenery trends, loose and organic, neutral and natural vibes, exotic and tropical – foliage greens are incorporated in virtually all major current it-styles.


It’s time to take a closer look at what’s out there and highlight our favourite florist’s greens!

Why we prioritise greenery

As the equally important different components of a bouquet, Evanthia focusses on flowers as well as foliage. 

  • It’s a designer’s dream: foliage is a true booster for structure, colour enhancement, texture and fits seamlessly in various creative themes and trends
  • Huge versatily: fresh, dried, coloured or bleached… aside from the countless natural choices in cut foliage, with additional treatments the options are almost endless
  • Long lasting: especially foliage with firm (often woody) stems, glossy leathery leaves or in dried application seems to last forever
  • The world wide demand for cut foliage is increasing and has expanded to new markets
Why we prioritise greenery

Top 10 of foliage favourites

At Evanthia you will find a broad line of cut foliage to boost your product range. Get inspired to play with greens! Know that this top 10 is just the tip of the iceburg. We are your one-stop-shop for the best varieties from our own breeding along with a selection of top series from breeders all over the world. We offer everything you need to get off to a good start with cut foliage and to help you grow a crop that’s perfect for your unique business.


  • Asparagus – versatile, various textures and green hues
  • Bupleurum – airy stems, long-lasting colour
  • Eucalyptus – sweet/minty scent, trendy pale colours
  • Fatsia – glossy and bold, hand-shaped leathery leaves
  • Lepidium – airy & playful, long-lasting
  • Monstera – hugely popular tropical foliage
  • Panicum – switch grass, for a soft and breezy effect
  • Philodendron – big glossy leaves on thick stems with surprising colours and shapes
  • Setaria – fluffy softness in fresh or dried bouquets
  • Strelitzia – all-time favourite tropical stunner

Get your greenery seeds and young plants from Evanthia

Let our team guide you through our full product range to compose a line of florist’s greens to suit your specific business. We can help you out with technical support as well. Get in touch with our team members to find out how we can lay the foundation together, from seed to success.