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This, you don't want to miss! Visit Evanthia's FlowerTrials®

Sneak preview on our show highlights
22 May 2023 - During FlowerTrials: Kwekerij Bloem en Tuin Oude Campsweg 4 2678 KN, De Lier (the Netherlands)
This, you don't want to miss! Visit Evanthia's FlowerTrials<sup>®</sup>

Preparations for FlowerTrials® 2023 are in full swing! Evanthia will again provide a colourful show, this time at a new location together with Selecta One. From 13 to 16 June you can find us at: Kwekerij Bloem en Tuin, Oude Campsweg 4, 2678 KN De Lier, the Netherlands.


Have a sneak peek with us at some of our FlowerTrials® show highlights!

Pot & Bedding Plants Show Highlights

With its very own team of breeders, Evanthia has long been active in the breeding and selection of Pot and Bedding plants. During FlowerTrials®, we will be happy to tell you all about the latest developments and our sustainability goals. You will find this focus not only in our products, but also in the partnerships we enter into within the chain.


• Discover the power of Helianthus Sunsation® Compact, the latest generation of potted sunflowers that, thanks to their strong genetic compactness, can be grown stress-free: without PGR (both in the production of young plants and in the finishing phase), without high EC and without dry cycles. Sunsation® is the rich flowering potted sunflower series for home and garden, blooming from spring to early autumn. By pinching Sunsation® varieties, you get a well-branching plant structure and several large flowers blooming simultaneously, for even more abundant sunshine. Sunsation® Compact is available for pre-commercial trials in Yellow and Lemon.


• Genetic compactness has also been a key focus in the breeding of our Lavandula Cleo-Patio®. This rich flowering Lavender offers many advantages for growers, trade and consumers. It is a strong perennial with a vigorous compact and uniform habit and robust, grey-green foliage. With numerous bright blue flowers and a lovely fragrance, Cleo-Patio® graces the garden. This lavender is great for borders or to form hedges, but also in pots on the patio or balcony. While maintaining a compact shape, Cleo-Patio® shows an exceptionally long flowering period, thanks to its many flowering side branches.


– Check out our Platycodon Corsa series, with strikingly large flowers in deep blue, white and pink. True eye-catchers that shine all summer on the patio or in borders. The uniform Platycodon Corsa varieties have good branching and form masses of balloon-shaped buds that open as star-shaped flowers.

Tropical surprises

We like to surprise you with an extensive selection of houseplants and garden stunners from our tropical plant range, including:


Cool-to-grow products, including a wide Cordyline collection, Eucalyptus and Banana plants (Musa, Musella, Ensete)

• Our own new addition: Hypoestes Coloratus™

Heat- and drought-tolerant plants, including Yucca, Adenium, Aloe, Beaucarnea and Pachypodium, among others

• Unique items such as Ravenala madagascariensis and other rare seed products

• Numerous beautiful foliage plants from the Araceae family: Alocasia, Philodendron, Monstera and Syngonium

And there is more! ....Cut Flower introductions

At FlowerTrials® we will not only show our Potted and Bedding Plants and Tropical surprises. Evanthia’s Cut Flowers will be on show as well! In week 24, you can expect novelties in Tanacetum, such as Tanacetum Cameron and Camilla, among others, in our presentation in De Lier. We will display lots of Celosias and tell you more about the launch of the promotional platform Crazy about Celosia. We will also present a  large selection of seasonal flowers, which fit in so well with the current trends of natural field bouquets and captivating soft summer hues.

Registration and Contact

For quick entry, register in advance on the FlowerTrials website. We recommend scheduling an appointment directly with one of our team members as well, to make sure we don’t miss each other and there is enough time for a good chat.