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Brassica oleracea F1 Empire Alexandra

Brassica Empire Alexandra has creamy white, round leaves with green outer leaves and -in a later stage- a light pink blush in the centre. The leaf colouration of Alexandra is early to medium, making Alexandra one of the varieties to harvest early. The Brassica Empire series is the latest generation of high quality ornamental cabbages, which has rapidly made a name for itself. Throughout the floriculture supply chain, Brassica Empire is now widely appreciated. From the wholesale to retail and florists, there is an active demand for Empire. And not without reason. Extensive breeding efforts have resulted in a Brassica series with a great appearance, tall sturdy stems of at least 80 cm and a hardier leaf structure. Independent testing by Royal FloraHolland has proven the Empire series to be less sensitive to diseases, with a vaselife far above average and a strong reduction of the typical Brassica odour. Ask for the Royal FloraHolland research report to learn more >> Sow outside in spring, after which you can continue sowing in the greenhouse during summer. With a cultivation time of only 14 to 16 weeks, a high level of uniformity and an ideal stem length, Brassica Empire ensures an efficient harvest and a higher average percentage of harvestable product. After harvest, the vase life of the Empire series is also above average. Discover all varieties of the Brassica Empire F1 series and be amazed by the round-leaved, serrated or fringed varieties with trendy earthy colour combinations.
× 1000 pcs.

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Brassica oleracea F1 Empire Alexandra

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Brassica oleracea F1
    • Common name:Ornamental cabbage; Flowering kale
    • Family:Brassicaceae
    • Series name:Empire
    • Product name:Brassica oleracea F1 Empire Alexandra
    • VBN Code:119380
    • Status:Evanthia Genetics
  • Cultivation information
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