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Calathea ornata

Calathea ornata is an elegant (ornate) tropical foliage plant with a compact, upright habit. Calathea has thick and shiny, oblong dark green leaves. The leaves have an extraordinary, baby-pink pinstripe pattern. As the leaves mature, this baby-pink colour will eventually turn more yellow to white. The undersides of the leaves are deep purple to dark green. As a typical Calathea, C. ornata too earns its nickname as ‘living plant’ because it closes or rises its leaves at night and uncurls or lowers them again in the morning. With all its colours and its neat pattern, this funny night habit gives an even more significant effect. Calathea ornata is native to tropical areas of South America, where it grows as an evergreen perennial in the shady, damp understories of rainforests. It makes for a stylish and easy houseplant. Calathea ornata is commonly known as Goeppertia ornata or Pinstripe Calathea, because of its fine-lined leaf pattern. Evanthia has Calathea ornate starting material available all year round, as tissue culture young plants. Ask our team for the Calathea cultivation manual for commercial production. Check out all Calatheas in the Evanthia range.

Calathea ornata

  • Propiedades
    • Nombre botánico:Calathea ornata
    • Nombre común:Goeppertia ornata; Pinstripe Calathea
    • Familia:Marantaceae
    • Grupo de productos:Houseplant
    • Nombre del producto:Calathea ornata
    • Propiedades:Air-purifying, Tropical
  • Información sobre el cultivo
  • Downloads

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