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Celosia argentea cristata Reprise Gold

Celosia Reprise Gold has a intense golden yellow tone, that fits well in natural bouquets and arrangements. Reprise is a relatively new Celosia series, developed for the more exclusive market segment. This attractive series has compact, finely structured, well-filled combs and striking colours. The long stems are very robust and have remarkable dark leaves. Celosia Reprise has a short cultivation period of 8 to 11 weeks and offers the possibility to extend the flowering season. Due to its compact plant structure with significantly smaller leaves, Reprise is not only an efficient crop in terms of plant density throughout the season. By planting Reprise at a standard density in the late season, more light enters the crop, allowing you to cultivate longer and produce top quality flowers from early spring to late autumn. The flower combs of Reprise are also more resistant to mildew. This is reflected in the extremely long vase life. This promising series is under development, to broaden the colour range.
× 1000 pcs.

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Celosia argentea cristata Reprise Gold

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Celosia argentea cristata
    • Common name:Celosia, Cock's comb
    • Family:Amaranthaceae
    • Series name:Reprise
    • Product name:Celosia argentea cristata Reprise Gold
    • VBN Code:128248
    • Introduction:New
    • Status:Evanthia Genetics
  • Cultivation information
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