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Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Green'

Philodendron Florida Beauty Green is a beautiful hybrid Philodendron, with a strong climbing and spreading habit. Florida Beauty Green has a striking appearance with intense green, very deeply incised leaves. The long stems stretch out in all directions. Originally, the climbing Philodendron was used to climb up along trees and other plants in rainforests in order to break through the canopy and reach the daylight. For this beautiful houseplant, you can use a moss stick, for example, to guide its natural climbing ability and distribute its weight. Evanthia has Philodendron Florida Beauty Green starting material available all year round, as a young plant from tissue culture. Ask our team for the Philodendron cultivation manual for commercial production. View all Philodendrons in the Evanthia assortment.

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    Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Green'

    Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Green'
    • Properties
      • Botanical name:Philodendron
      • Common name:Philodendron
      • Family:Araceae
      • Product group:Houseplant
      • Product name:Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Green'
      • Properties:Air-purifying, Tropical
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