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Philodendron hastatum 'Grey'

Philodendron hastatum Grey, a.k.a. Philodendron domesticum, has a strong climbing habit. This decorative, tropical foliage plant has elongated, shiny leaves. The leaf colour starts off in pale grey to dark green, becoming metallic grey or bluish silver over time. Philodendron hastatum originally is an evergreen perennial shrub, native to South America. There it grows and climbs abundantly in tropical rainforests. As a vining Philodendron, it grows up nearby trees and other plants to break through the canopy of leaves, towards daylight. It makes for a great, lively houseplant, supported by a moss poll or a trellis. Philodendron hastatum Grey is commonly known as Silver Sword Philodendron. Evanthia has Philodendron hastatum Grey starting material available all year round, as tissue culture young plant. Ask our team for the Philodendron cultivation manual for commercial production. Check out all Philodendrons in the Evanthia range.
  • Decorative, metallic grey coloured leaves
  • Vigorous, climbing habit
  • Makes a great lively houseplant

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Philodendron hastatum 'Grey'

Philodendron hastatum 'Grey'
  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Philodendron hastatum
    • Common name:Silver Sword Philodendron
    • Family:Araceae
    • Product group:Houseplant
    • Product name:Philodendron hastatum 'Grey'
    • Properties:Air-purifying, Tropical
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