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Pilea peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides is a tropical foliage plant has extraordinary flat, round leaves on long, slender stems. The leaves are bright green and waxy. The stems initially grow upright, but more lush and freely over time, but remaining quite low-growing and compact. Pilea peperomioides is native to South-West China, where it grows as an herbaceous perennial on shady, damp rocks in the tropical forests on the foot of the Himalaya. As a houseplant this Pilea makes for a great sculptural eyecatcher. Pilea peperomioides is commonly known as Chinese money plant. Other internationally used common names for Pilea peperomioides are: Missionary plant; Coin plant; Pancake plant. Evanthia has Pilea peperomioides starting material available all year round, as young plants from rooted cuttings.

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Pilea peperomioides

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Pilea peperomioides
    • Common name:Chinese Money Plant; Missionary plant; Coin plant; Pancake plant
    • Family:Urticaceae
    • Product group:Houseplant
    • Product name:Pilea peperomioides
    • Properties:Succulent, Tropical
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