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Ravenala madagascariensis

Ravenala madagascariensis has an unusual, symmetrical growth habit with beautiful, large leaves arranged on long stems like a flat fan. At a later stage, a stem is formed and the leaves look like an ornament. Ravenala is related to Strelitzia and this reflects in its leaves. It is native to Madagascar, where it grows in warm, moist forest areas, rainforests, swamps and along mountain slopes. In warmer, frost-free climates, Ravenala is very suitable for plantings in parks and gardens. The common name Traveller's Tree or Traveller's Palm is said to be because it is always a source of fresh drinking water for travellers, as water remains in the axils of the leaf stalks. Evanthia has Ravenala seeds, with their extraordinary blue colour, available year-round for commercial production. Evanthia also produces young plants of Ravenala.

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Ravenala madagascariensis

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Ravenala madagascariensis
    • Common name:Traveller's palm
    • Family:Strelitziaceae
    • Product group:Houseplant, Patio plant
    • Product name:Ravenala madagascariensis
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