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Plants from all over the world, with a good dose of expertise and service at your fingertips.

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Laying the foundation together

At Evanthia, you’re not just buying seeds or young plants from tissue culture or seed. You’ll also benefit from a good dose of expertise and experience. Think of us as your new colleagues. We’re happy to use our experience and technical expertise to help you. Laying the foundation together, growing together!

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We have a strong global network of plant collectors. They venture out into what are often inaccessible areas and remote corners in their quest to find the best seeds. We work with different production locations all over the world. With the optimal climate conditions at those sites, we can guarantee quality and continuity.

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New in tropical plants

Alocasia wentii

Alocasia wentii is a stunning tropical foliage plant, with a compact habit and heart- to arrow-shaped leaves. This Alocasia wentii is somewhat hardier than most types of Alocasia. The leaves have glossy green topsides and purplish reverses. The large, shiny leaves on strong stems make it a handsome houseplant. Check out all Alocasias in the Evanthia range.

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Ctenanthe oppenheimiana

Ctenanthe oppenheimiana is a bushy tropical foliage plant, with an upright habit. This decorative Ctenanthe has lance-shaped leaves with a leathery texture. The leaves are light green with dark green stripes on the upperside, while the underside of the leaves is purple/red. Ctenanthe is closely related to Calathea and can easily be cultivated together. Check out all Ctenanthes in the Evanthia range.

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