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Soon available: Araucaria excelsa new seed harvest and young plants

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25 January 2024 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands
Soon available: Araucaria excelsa new seed harvest and young plants

Don't miss out on this opportunity

Araucaria excelsa seeds are harvested only once or twice a year. Evanthia sells these fresh seeds and turns them into beautiful young plants for an easy start to your cultivation. We will soon have a new seed harvest available, and seedlings of Araucaria excelsa, in 66 cell trays. Don’t miss this opportunity and order your starting material from Evanthia in time.

About Araucaria excelsa

Araucaria excelsa, or House pine, is a beautiful, easy-to-grow houseplant. The name suggests that this is a thorny tree, but the fresh green Araucaria excelsa is actually very cuddly. Araucaria excelsa performs well in 14 to 27 cm pots. This subtropical evergreen has a symmetrical, pyramidal shape and remains nicely compact indoors. At warm temperatures Araucaria can be placed outside as well.


Are you interested in Araucaria excelsa seeds or seedlings? Could you use some technical advice on cultivation? Please contact our Sales Team. We can tell you all about Araucaria excelsa and make you a quotation. You can reach us by phone on +31 174 715 103, by e-mail: sales@evanthia.nl or you can contact one of our team members directly.