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Off to a good start with Monstera seeds of Evanthia

Order your fresh Monstera deliciosa Tauerii seeds now
26 July 2022 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

Yes! It has arrived! The new harvest of Monstera deliciosa Tauerii seeds just came in, fresh from the source and ready to be sown. You can get your hands on them, by ordering today.


Why choose Monstera deliciosa Tauerii? That’s simple: M. Tauerii has large, heart-shaped leaves with lots of perforations and notches, for the ultimate jungle look. Tauerii is a dwarf-type Monstera deliciosa and develops its leaf perforations particularly early. This beautiful, versatile variety is great for pot size range 12 to 32 cm and well-suited for potted plant production and cut foliage.

Trendy tropics

Monstera is a mega-trend nowadays, and makes huge impact with ease. It is not without reason that Monstera’s typical leaf structure can be found everywhere, from catwalk prints to interior design and wall paper. But nothing beats the real thing and that’s why Monstera is a big hit at retail and garden centers, loved by anyone with a green heart.

More Monstera

Evanthia is known for its wide range of products and options for the start of your growing journey. Aside from Monstera deliciosa Tauerii seeds, you can order young plants as well, for a quick and easy start.  When it comes to Monstera varieties, we addiotionally offer Monstera adansonii and Monstera deliciosa from tissue culture as well. Looking for a specific tropical variety that is not mentioned on our website or catalogue? This doesn’t mean we can not get our hands on them too! We have the connections and are happy to team up with you to make a planning for your unique product range.


For ordering directly or for more information, please contact us. Whether you’re brand new to growing tropical plants from seed or a seasoned pro, if you want we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about growing Monstera deliciosa Tauerii from seeds. You can request a cultivation manual of get personal support from our experienced team.