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ON TOUR: Evanthia's Matthiola Trials

24 August 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

What will be the stunners of your Matthiola range next season? Are you missing a specific shade? Looking for some radiant soft tones or intense eyecatchers? Could you use an overall upgrade of technical improvement and are you in search of new series? Time to go on a tour and explore your options! Evanthia lets you tag along on the annual Matthiola Trial Walkthrough and shows you those options are almost limitless. Check out our commercial Matthiola series, new varieties and a peek at some exciting experimentals.

Evanthia On Tour takes you on a trip to the greenhouses of G. van den Beukel in the Westland (NL), where all Evanthia’s Matthiola series, exclusives and comparative third-party series are grown side by side. Today we will show you our highlights. We take you along the flower beds, series by series, giving you visual insight on uniformity, colour, crop structures and flower quality.

Milla series

Discover the relatively new Milla series. Star qualities of this radiant range? From early spring until midsummer, Milla easily produces sufficient stem length compared to most varieties in the market. In addition, Milla has a very uniform crop, strong stems and excellent flower quality. Get the first glance on the NEW Milla Blue and let us know your thoughts on Milla’s experimentals.

Centum series

The Matthiola Centum series delivers well-filled flower spikes, high stem quality and a wide range of brilliantly bright colours. How about the super soft shades of Centum Soft Pink en Centum Lavender? With these items your Matthiola range will be on trend for sure.

Jordyn series

The Matthiola Jordyn series is developed for an early start. Plant the Jordyn series early in winter until late spring, for an extra early harvest in spring to well into summer. Jordyn is known for a powerful plant structure and high quality, firm flower stems. Highlights within this series: most definately Jordyn Cherryblossom and Jordyn Lavender!

Anytime series

Matthiola Anytime is a good option to extend the harvesting season a bit. Anytime has a stable bud initiation for longer period of time. With Anytime you have less risk of delayed flowering in warmer periods, compared to other series in the market. Which one is your favourite?

If you think you’ve seen at all…Guess again! Check out our full product range for additional series, exclusives, specialties and third party genetics, all available at Evanthia. We are your one-stop-shop for Matthiola and our breeding department is in full swing. There are exciting developments coming up, so keep a close eye on our website for the latest news or keep in touch with our team.


Evanthia is here to help you. Together we lay the foundation for your new crop, from seed to success! For more information about our Matthiola product range, cultivation manuals or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact Alex Krouwer (Sales Support).