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Steady with Matthiola StoX®

The launch of a breeding breakthrough
8 April 2024 - Monster, NL
Steady with Matthiola StoX<sup>®</sup>

Recently nominated for the ASCFG Cut Flower of the Year 2024: Matthiola StoX® Deep Rose! Praised for its bright rose colour; strong stems and nice perfume. ASCFG trial comments: “Growing habit was very consistent with other stock varieties grown (number of florets, stem thickness, fragrance); Full stems, Double flowers; High percentage of doubles! Super ruffly petals, center colour is lighter and nice contrast to bright outer petals; Large flower heads; Leaf colour was obvious early on (for selecting doubles).”


As a breeder, it’s so exciting to create something that truly makes a difference! With Matthiola StoX® the breeders of Evanthia managed to design a brand-new Matthiola series that answers to the needs of various links in the chain, offering solutions and giving more opportunities to be successful with the marvelous Matthiola. Let’s take you on our journey of launching Matthiola StoX®.

Matthiola StoX® truly has it all

After intensive testing, trialling and evaluating with international young plant producers and growers, we can proudly say Matthiola StoX® is a breeding breakthrough and a new high standard for the future of this crop.


Star-qualities of Matthiola StoX®

  • Sturdy and outstanding vase life of woodier, Japanese type stock
  • Selectability of European type stock: easy to select for doubleness after a cold treatment, resulting in an excellent series with 100% double flowers
  • More heat resistant series, which gives opportunities to extend your season of supplying Matthiolas
  • Less sensitive to pests and deseases
  • Shorter cultivation time than other Matthiola series out there
  • Very uniform crop with a high harvest rate
  • Tall, voluminous and rich flowering spikes
  • Vibrant, 7-colour palette, with unique colours like Champagne and Silver
  • Active breeding programme, with more colours to be added in the nearby future

Independent testing

To back up our own results with indepentent testing, we turned to Royal FloraHolland’s Post Harvest Knowledge Centre for extensive vase life research. We can now confirm the longevity of Matthiola StoX® is competitive with other Japanese stock on the market and can confidently say we have gold in our hands.


Check out the Royal FloraHolland test results for Matthiola StoX®.

Movie star material

For creating floral video content and inform florists worldwide, Evanthia teamed up with Cinefleur Magazine and travelled together to London. In the vibrant setting of this stunning capital, the florists of Bloomsbury show off the best assets of Matthiola StoX®. Did you see the item in Cinefleur Magazine yet?

Floral designer Pim van den Akker of Flower Factor also set to work enthusiastically with the latest Matthiolas. He was amazed by the robust, richly flowering stems of StoX®.


Camera’s just can’t get enough of Matthiola StoX®. The series also appeared as a feature item in the Mother’s Day show of the Dutch broadcasting of the gardening programme “De Grote Tuinverbouwing”.

Grower Support

As a grower of Matthiola StoX® we offer you all visual content we have available, like product images, lifestyle photos and the videos we just showed you. Request your promo package directly with our Marketing Coordinator, Marcella Hempelmann.


With extensive test results, a detailed cultivation manual and personal advice we focus on getting you the best start and results with Matthiola StoX®. Do not hesitate to contact our crop advisors and sales & marketing team. We’re here for you.


Did you grow or trial Matthiola StoX® this season for the first time? We would love to hear your experience with the series, if we not already did! Interested in growing Matthiola StoX® or getting more detailed information? Please contact our dedicated team.