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Matthiola trials from Evanthia show a breeding breakthrough

Press release
9 June 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

An ocean of soft tones, pretty pastels and intense colours, and the sweetest scent only Matthiola can offer. The Matthiola Trials of Evanthia are blooming. At the greenhouse of G. van den Beukel in the Westland area of the Netherlands, Evanthia presents its complete range of Matthiola incana. All commercial varieties side-by-side, exciting experimentals, and some very interesting developments for anyone who works with this stunning stock.

Peter van Noort (Manager Genetics), Leo Boers and George van Klink (both Crop Advisors) from Evanthia accompany guests through the extensive trials. One of its highlights: the relatively new series Matthiola Milla. From early spring until midsummer, Milla easily produces sufficient stem length compared to other varieties in the market. Milla has a very uniform crop, strong stems and excellent flower quality. The range is expanded with specialty colours like Salmon, Aubergine and Light Pink.


Breeding solutions


Most interesting of Evanthia’s Matthiola trial is for sure a new development that could be the solution of a challenge breeders, young plant producers and growers of Matthiola face. Selection of double-flowered plants at the seedling stage is one of the main purposes of the stock breeding program. The breeders of Evanthia managed to develop a robust range of Matthiolas with woodier stems that is easy to select for doubleness after a cold treatment, resulting in an excellent series with 100% double flowers.


Peter van Noort (Manager Genetics): “With this new series we truly combine the best of both worlds: the sturdy and long-lasting features of Japanese stock and the selectability of European stock.” This promising new series of Evanthia is now in full production. Next season the breeding company will start up pre-commercial trials in close cooperation with young plant producers and growers.

Matthiola Milla series