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10 items to step up your Pachypodium game

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24 November 2021 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

Club foot, Madagascar Palm, Elephant’s trunk….Pachypodium is a caudiciform succulent with many odd but stunning growth habits, resulting in these interesting common names. Although Pachypodium lamerei and P. geayi are fairly well-known and widely cultivated, the genus Pachypodium includes many more species and some of them are quite rare. As you may expect from Evanthia, we now have some true collector’s items to add that will definitely spice up your product range. Let’s take a closer look at these fascinating spiny succulents.

The exotic Pachypodium, native to Madagascar, is a true eye-catcher for gardens in arid-tropical areas. In other climate zones it makes for a great, easy care houseplant. The spiny, swollen trunks store water and the large roots absorb fast, making Pachypodium less needy that other types of houseplants. Caudex-loving households, trendy plant parents and succulent collectors worldwide go crazy for their unusual looks.

The Pachypodium line-up

From February 2022 onwards, our Pachypodium range will be broadened with some extraordinary, fun and rare species, for which you can place your pre-order now. Make sure not to miss out on this unique opportunity and dazzle your customers with an impressive new line-up of Pachypodiums.


  • Pachypodium baronii – Rare species with a short bottle-shaped trunk and slender branches. Striking red flowers.
  • Pachypodium densiflorum – Smooth trunk with spiny branches. Showy deep yellow flowers.
  • Pachypodium eburneum – Low growing, heavily spined trunk with broad, short branches and white flowers. Rare item.
  • Pachypodium horombense – Compact habit. Thick short trunk with many, more basal growing branches. Relatively large, yellow flowers.
  • Pachypodium mikea – Pale trunk with spiny branches. Long, slender leaves and white flowers.
  • Pachypodium rosulatum – Bottle-shaped trunk, almost without any spines. Thorny branches and yellow flowers.
  • Pachypodium rosulatum ssp. cactipes – Thick trunk, long and slender stems. Rich shiny foliage and yellow flowers.
  • Pachypodium rosulatum ssp. gracilius – Short swollen trunk with many short branches and yellow flowers.


And of course:


  • Pachypodium lamerei – Shiny silver, thorny trunk that can reach great lengths. Trunk is topped with a (palm-like) crown of bright green leaves.
  • Pachypodium geayi – Tall-growing trunk. Branched topped with long, slender leaves with a prominent, light-coloured leaf vein.


Evanthia has both Pachypodium lamerei as Pachypodium geayii available all year round. You can order seeds at any time. For Pachypodium lamerei we can do the initial work of seed germination and young plant production for you and offer sowingbox 200+.

Success with succulents - powered by Evanthia

Are succulents your specialty or are you interested in starting to grow them? Evanthia has much more interesting succulents in store for you! Get in touch with our team or have a peek on our product range and discover collections of Aloe, Beaucarnea, Rhoeo and Jathropha, among many others.


Reach out to our team to place your pre-order for the new, curious Pachypodium collection now. We can help you out with a cultivation manual or tailored advice as well. Let’s connect and find out how we can grow together, from seed to success.