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Discover Lavandula Cleo-Patio®

9 August 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

Lavender…. the relaxing scent of summer holidays. Everyone wants to hang on to that as long as possible, right? The colourful and fragrant Lavender is a great choice to do so, and a product well-appreciated by many. Meet Lavandula angustifolia Cleo-Patio®, the strong seed-raised perennial Lavender from breeding company Evanthia. Because of its many advantages, Cleo-Patio® gives growers and retailers the same relaxed and calming feeling as it gives to their customers. Grow with confidence and discover Cleo-Patio®.

Discover Lavandula angustifolia Cleo-Patio®

Get to know the benefits of Lavandula Cleo-Patio®

Most significant in visual comparison to other Lavender out there, is the compact and well-branching habit of Cleo Patio®, which is a big plus in several ways. The many seductive bright blue flowers and luxurious grey-greenish leaves can’t go unnoticed. Add to that its early flowering and excellent uniformity and you have a Lavender that gives you plenty of options! Cleo-Patio® is easy to schedule. You can extend the sales season by spreading out different plantings and overwintering plugs for an extra early start.


  • Genetically very compact ► no PGR needed and 1.5 times more efficient to load on a trolley
  • Laser-sharp uniformity ► easy to schedule and plan sales actions
  • Very well-branching ► needs less seeds in a plug to fill up a pot easily
  • Early-flowering ► start your sales season already in springtime by overwintering plugs
  • Rich and long flowering ► instant colour and many promising buds convince on the shop floor
  • Greyish leaf colour ► rare leaf shade on seed-raised Lavandula give a luxurious appearance
  • Dense and robust leaf structure ► remaining in top condition during transport and handling and retains its compactness long after planting

Let's talk Lavender

Evanthia supplies raw and primed seeds of Lavandula Cleo-Patio® worldwide. To get the best results our team would be happy to support you with technical advice. We have a detailed cultivation manual available and can help you schedule production, based on your climate and location. Want to know us and Lavandula Cleo-Patio® a bit better first? Check out the videos of our Sales Manager Marvin Grootendorst, explaining this product more into detail, during Evanthia On Tour and Studio Flower Trials.


Evanthia is a breeding company from the Netherlands, with a broad assortment of pot & bedding plants, cut flowers and tropical plants. We distribute our seeds and young plants all over the world. Get in touch with our team to get more details about our products and services, or contact your broker or rooting station to check availability and to order.

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Sales Manager
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