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Press release: Evanthia streamlines Antirrhinum assortment

Year-round Snapdragons made easy
14 November 2023 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands
Press release: Evanthia streamlines Antirrhinum assortment

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus F1) has been an important crop for the Westland breeding company Evanthia for several decennia, even before emerging from Combifleur/Combinations. Over the years its team of breeders developed 3 key Snapdragon series: Animation I, Costa I-II and Costa Summer III series. With the acquisition of the Enviro genetics in 2020, Evanthia’s Antirrhinum assortment was significantly expanded, adding a complete assortment of 4 series in groups I to IV, containing a solid group III-IV offering for the most important segment in the market. Now Evanthia has updated and rearranged its entire Antirrhinum collection to define the groups more clearly, to make it even easier for growers to plan and produce high quality Antirrhinum all year round.

Merging and optimising Snapdragon series
Up until now, the original 3 Evanthia series and 4 Enviro series have formed the assortment. Peter van Noort, Product Manager at Evanthia, explains: Initially, we chose to leverage the reputation of the entire combined assortment by keeping all the series in the market. This gave the opportunity to observe and compare the individual strengths of all the genetics. In addition, breeding research and development continued as always in the background. Now, we feel it is time to consolidate the series and bring the very best genetics to the market in a clear and top-quality assortment. This means that from this season onwards, we offer one series per segment with the best colours and varieties.”


Next steps in year-round Snapdragon production
To optimise brand recognition, Evanthia has chosen to retain the names of the former Enviro series and develop on this trend with the recent and planned introduction of new breeding. Antirrhinum Toulon, a new group IV series, has been released with the launch of Evanthia’s newest catalogues during Trade Fair Aalsmeer (NL). Toulon IV offers 5 hot summer colours and additional colours are on the way. Up next: Evanthia is working on an early winter series to be added to the spectrum in the near future. All this to enable growers worldwide to run a seamless annual programme of Snapdragons, with Evanthia’s team ready to finetune programmes tailored to regional climate conditions. Growers and traders will be able to view Evanthia’s entire Antirrhinum collection, during extensive field and greenhouse trials in springtime.



Evanthia presents strong and original genetics within pot & bedding plants, tropical plants and cut flowers, complemented by a broad and partly exclusive selection of top products from other breeders. With an ever-growing network of production, sales and distribution partners, Evanthia supplies high quality starting material worldwide. Always looking for new ways to put the grower in a good market position and working together with chain partners towards joint success.


To learn more about these exciting developments, please contact Evanthia’s product specialists Peter van Noort and Leo Boers, or one of the dedicated Sales Managers.