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Express your love... with LEAF!

Valentine's Foliage
13 February 2024 -
Express your love... with LEAF!

The language of flowers speaks volumes… On Valentine’s Day, flowers are the ultimate gift and expression of love. And each type of flower packs a unique message…. For instance, with Snapdragons you whisper “let’s keep our secret…”, Helianthus stands for a zest for life and admiration, Freesia is the symbol of everlasting love, and with Lisianthus you show your appreciation and gratitude for your lover.


Plants also have their own way of conveying a message of love. Find out how you can show your love in an original and long-lasting way using foliage plants and cut foliage….

Seducing shapes

Heart-shaped leaves, curling stems that seem to want to embrace you…. Foliage plants have their own subtle ways of adding a touch of romance to the home – a constant reminder of the love and beauty that surrounds us.


Discover the lovely Alocasia cucullata, Philodendron gloriosum, Syngonium or Monstera deliciosa Tauerii

Lovely colour blends

From heart-warming reds to soft pinks and subtle blushes… Foliage plants can come out surprisingly colourful and make your home shine with loving hues. Some plants have neutral green leaves with extraordinary, brightly coloured leaf undersides, such as Calathea Princess Jessie. This surprising colour effect is enhanced by the fact that this Calathea closes or raises its leaves at night and uncurls or lowers them again in the morning.


Choose the loving blends of Calathea Princess Jessie, Hypoestes Coloratus™ or Syngonium Neon

Sensual scents

With surprisingly fragrant aromas, temptation is……… Eucalyptus brings a scent frequently found in perfumes, saunas and massage oils. It brings a refreshing atmosphere that symbolises a fresh start and the promise of a new beginning. It sets the tone for a wonderfully relaxing evening together….


Bring a bouquet with the relaxing scent of Eucalyptus as overtone

Velvet touch

Some leaf plants are very cuddly – a particularly affectionate gesture. With these lovely leaves, you embrace softness. These gentle beauties not only please the eye but also invite us to experience the soothing sensation of their leaves.


The graceful foxtails of Asparagus mazeppa, the velvety Alocasia Black Velvet, the soft-haired pillowy Pilea Moon Valley