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Let's go bananas! Discover the most beautiful Musas

Start your Banana plant cultivation
18 March 2024 - Monster & 's-Gravenzande, NL
Let's go bananas! Discover the most beautiful Musas

Loved for its tropical vibe, fresh green large leaves and impressive vigour: Musa is HOT, and with this a banana plant you have a summer feeling in your home all year round. At Evanthia you will find an attractive range of Musa varieties, each with its own powerful properties.

Musa Oriental Dwarf

One of our favourite banana plants? Musa Oriental Dwarf of course! This Musa stays nicely compact and is suitable for 9 to 17 cm pots. Oriental Dwarf can be grown relatively quickly and combines well in the greenhouse with other products where higher humidity is important, such as Alocasia, Philodendron and Calathea. Because the leaves of Musa Oriental Dwarf grow closely together, this tropical stunner brings along lots of extra gorgeous green.


AWESOME OPPORTUNITY: We currently have fresh, young plants of Musa Oriental Dwarf available in 84-cell trays, as start material for your cultivation.

Musa Oriental Dwarf

Even more bananas

Aside from Musa Oriental Dwarf, you will find more banana plants at Evanthia!


  • How about Musa Dwarf Cavendish? This eye-catcher with red leaf blotches is suitable for the larger pot sizes (17 – 24 cm). Dwarf Cavendish is a Musa acuminata and closely related to the varieties used for commercial fruit production. This ornamental variety also produces delicious edible fruits over time.
  • Musa basjoo has quite different qualities. Basjoo is known as the most hardy banana plant and has a vigorous growth habit. This variety is suitable as a tub plant, garden plant in warmer climates and for landscaping.
  • Evanthia offers seed of Musa velutina, all year round. This particular variety produces deep pink flowers and edible pink bananas (although filled with many small hard black seeds). Perfect for patio containers.

Want to know more?

Jeroen, Tim and Koen are eager to tell you all about our range of Musa varieties and can assist you with cultivation advice. Contact Evanthia today, order your Musa seeds or young plants, and start growing.