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Solano® sunflowers for sunny days

Discover the Solano® effect
6 July 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands
Cinefleur Magazine

Let the sun shine with the sunflower Solano® from Evanthia. This beautiful and strong flower provides some sunny prospects in your life. It is a perfect flower to brighten up your sunny days even more. A sunflower simply adds a smile to your face, so let’s see what happens when you treat people to a Solano® sunflower.

The Helianthus Solano®  is a collection of cut sunflowers from Evanthia. They are pollen free, so they can be enjoyed by everyone. The sunflowers work really well together in a big bouquet, but are also lovely as a single flower, to get someone as a gift. You’re ensured of constant quality and availability. With a bit of Solano®, you add some sunshine to your days!

Meet the sunny Solano®

With Solano™ you can go in many different directions. From a more classic type sunflower to flowers with more layers of rounded petals. From an intense dark heart to a more bright and sunny heart and petals in all different sizes and shapes. The Solano™ varieties will bring a smile to anyone and are a pure joy to look at!


This article was published in Cinefleur Magazine, summer edition 2021