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Sunsation® and Summer Flowers by Evanthia colour 75th edition of Keukenhof

18 March 2024 - Keukenhof, Lisse (the Netherlands)
Sunsation<sup>®</sup> and Summer Flowers by Evanthia colour 75th edition of Keukenhof

From Thursday 21 March until 12 May, the time has come! Keukenhof in Lisse (NL) heralds spring with the 75th opening of the world’s most beautiful spring park. Westland breeding company Evanthia, with several entries of flowers and plants, contributes to the presentation of great diversity within the international show window of Dutch floriculture.

Louis Kester (Commercial Director of Evanthia): “The cooperation with Keukenhof offers us a great stage to bring our own genetics, special selections as well as the growers of our products to the attention of a broad international audience. We are hopeful that this year, we will also be able to make personal contact again with visitors from the Middle East and Asia – China in particular, who have had the opportunity to visit the park to a lesser extent in recent years.”

Not only outside, but also inside Keukenhof showcases flowers and flowering plants. Evanthia supplies a colourful collection of potted plant sunflowers and fragrant summer flowers that will be presentes into creative displays in the pavilions. In addition, Evanthia is sponsoring various actions taking place at Keukenhof during the opening period. For example, the Westland breeding company colours the annual visit to Keukenhof by participants and volunteers of the Dutch national association De Zonnebloem. Evanthia also sponsors the Dutch flower decorations for the Easter Mass in St Peter’s Square in Rome, which are traditionally blessed by Bishop Van den Hende, bishop of Rotterdam, at Keukenhof before departure.

Sunsation® potted sunflowers

As the sunflower specialist, Evanthia brings sunshine to the Willem Alexander pavilion. Together with the potted sunflower growers of the Dutch Sunsation® collective, the breeding company is providing a bright arrangement. Sunsation® potted sunflowers are known for abundant colour and variety, with richly flowering multi-flower types and variegated, lemon and golden yellow varieties.

Summer flowers

From 2 to 12 May, the Oranje Nassau Pavilion will host the Summer Flower Show. The decor of the flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion will be entirely styled by Heleen Valstar and her team. Evanthia will display Matthiola StoX®, Helianthus Solano® Deep Orange, the new Celosia Reprise Gold and a selection from its wide range of Antirrhinum during the Summer Flower Show.