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Introducing: Matthiola StoX®

The journey continues...
17 July 2022 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands
Introducing: Matthiola StoX<sup>®</sup>

Order your Matthiola StoX® trials seeds

Last season we gave you some insight into our promissing Matthiola breeding results. Now, after extensive trialling in various climate zones, we are excited to present you Evanthia’s brand new Matthiola StoX® series. The Matthiola StoX® series offers the solution of a challenge breeders, young plant producers and growers of Matthiola face: finding the perfect combination of selectability and robustness.

Matthiola StoX® will be commercially available in 2023. Grab your chance now to be among the first to already trial Matthiola StoX® for yourself and order your batch of trial seeds at Evanthia today!

The best of both worlds

Selection of double flowered plants at the seedling stage is one of the main purposes of our stock breeding program. We managed to develop a robust range of Matthiolas with woodier stems that is easy to select for doubleness after a cold treatment, resulting in an excellent series with 100% double flowers. With this new series we truly combine the best of both worlds: the sturdy and long-lasting features of Japanese type stock and the selectability of European type stock.  StoX® is the new high standard and offers solutions to anyone who works with Matthiola.

The Matthiola StoX® line-up

Check out these gorgeous colours! StoX® offers a truly eye-popping colour palet, with 7 shades that mix and match perfectly, among which some extraordinary ones and more to come in the nearby future! How about the unique StoX® Champagne and StoX® Silver?  Exactly what you were missing, right?!


StoX® in the spotlight

In Holland, several growers sold their first StoX® over the last few weeks and excitement is in the air! View the Dutch broadcasting of the gardening programme “De Grote Tuinverbouwing” with the rich flowering Matthiola StoX® as a feature item. As you can see floral enthusiasts have already embraced these stunners.

Want to know more?

Have our StoX® aroused your interest? Contact our team for more informaton, to find out more about trialling Matthiola StoX® for yourself or to order our Matthiola cultivation manual.