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13 September 2022 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

Would you like to be regularly informed about beautiful tropical opportunities, special varieties, fresh seeds and ready-made young plants that you can receive quickly? Every week we send a stock list to our relations to inform them about extraordinary offers, newly sourced plants and available stock that can be shipped immediately. Subscribe now and receive the Evanthia stock list by e-mail every week.


Wondering what’s on our list this week? Read on and we will give you a brief overview of some of the wonderful products that are ready to be grown.

Young plants

You probably know Nolina (also known as Beaucarnea) recurvata as Elephant’s Foot. This robust, sun-loving houseplant stores water in the stem, is easy to maintain and can be used in many ways. Not familiar with growing this semi-succulent crop? No problem, we have a clear cultivation guide ready for you.

Dracaena Burley and Charley complement each other beautifully and can be grown well together. These Corn plants do great in shady spots. As a bonus, the Dracaena is one of the best air purifiers. Apart from the striking colours and patterns of the leaves, Burley and Charley have been selected for their excellent robustness and resilience.

Of all the Fatsias in our range, Spider’s web is perhaps the most eye-catching. Its white, web-like leaf markings change with the seasons and with age. As a houseplant, it can grow quite large and because Fatsia japonica Spider’s Web is quite hardy, it can also be used as a shade-loving garden plant and container plant.

Prefer seeds?

During this time, we also highlight a number of seed products:


  • Chamaedorea elegans Collinea: this beautiful Mexican dwarf palm attracts attention with its graceful, slender leaves
  • Dypsis lutescens: or the Gold Palm, is a strong indoor palm with rapid growth and air-purifying qualities
  • Radermachera sinica: impresses with a large amount of fresh green leaves that keep on shining
  • Schefflera actinophylla: also known as Brassaia, is a versatile houseplant that easily adapts to different climate conditions
  • Yucca rostrata: a very hardy desert plant that performs beautifully in patio tubs, gardens and landscaping

Chamaedorea elegans Collinea
Chamaedorea elegans Collinea
Dypsis lutescens
Dypsis lutescens
Radermachera sinica
Radermachera sinica
Schefflera actinophylla
Schefflera actinophylla
Yucca rostrata
Yucca rostrata

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